Why Do We Feel the Spirit of Christmas Duller as We Grow Older?
1 min read   |   Dec 28, 2017   |   Thoughts

Haven't you noticed it? Yes, we are getting older and Christmas is becoming a cliche to a lot

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Expanding my Digital Space - Trying Out Vlogging
1 min read   |   Dec 7, 2017   |   Others

Trying out vlogging to see how it goes

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Top 7 Tips to Help Increase Your Productivity on Working in Coffee Shops
3 min read   |   Nov 15, 2017   |   Thoughts

Working in coffee shops? Here are my tips for you to stay productive

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Half of 2017 Is Over. So Far, What Have You Done?
4 min read   |   July 3, 2017   |   Thoughts

Another introspection of half-way through 2017

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Redefining the Definition of a Batch Valedictorian
2 min read   |   July 1, 2017   |   Thoughts

It's time to redefine the old meaning of what it takes to be a valedictorian

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Business Card Challenge for 2017
2 min read   |   April 30, 2017   |   Others

Collecting more business cards for the year 2017

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Time-in Time-out: The Modern Day Slavery
2 min read   |   Feb 4, 2017   |   Thoughts

Have you been controlled too much by your boss?

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