Watching Influencers are the Best Way to Fuel your Day

I’ve been watching vlogs from my favorite influencers every day. People like Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat are some of the people I look up to and I watch their vlogs every day.


It’s a way for me to start my day because they serve as a reminder to keep on hustling and don’t waste time on useless things. Influencers are the living proof of how they’ve done what you should’ve been done and gives you a daily glimpse of how they live their normal life. It’s kinda humbling that they normally live a life a human but what makes them stand out is their ability to know their purpose. The best part is you are in the same boat so you could relate to all they say. Those hardships and hard work, they provide a perfect example of actionable advice.

Do you have an influencer that you’ve been following on? What makes them an influencer for you and how did they persuade your heart to move along? If they post daily content, there’s that feeling of “Wow! This seems great let me read this”. Consume their content, learn from it then take action! I suggest you try this yourselves as its pretty effective. If you don’t have any influencers, that’s okay. Maybe there’s another way for you to boost your day. Look for that person who’s done your thing and learn from them!



P.S. – Yaaay to my first post this 2018!

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