Why Do We Feel the Spirit of Christmas Duller as We Grow Older?

Ah yes its that time of the year where we hear Christmas songs on the radios, lights glowing in the streets, and getting ready for Santa Claus' judgment of who receives their gifts. A lot of people get excited during this season especially the young ones but how about the old ones? Let's admit that the spirit of Christmas gets duller every year. Note that this depends on every person because everyone has their own perspective when it comes to Christmas. For those who just walk along with life, regardless of how many decorations, greetings, gifts, or songs you hear it, still doesn't change a bit. Why is that so?

According to Psychology, the more repetitive your activity is the less it excites you. Similar to the case where you experience Christmas the same time all over again means it gets boring. Sure, there are times that you'll go out somewhere or do a different activity but nevertheless, the child-like awe is not the same as before. When we were kids, most of the experience was brand new. We have a hungrier mind, more energy, and all we care about is just to enjoy life before we entered reality. Now that you've reached the age of the workforce, you'd rather spend your time doing something else than making the season solemn. Our priorities change so we'd rather pick work than chill.

Another would be less appreciation. It's a season that comes every year so everyone can just say "we can always do that next year". A few years later you realized you're already adulting yet you thought you can still enjoy Christmas like a little kid. Subconsciousness has kept us comfortable only to realize we're getting old. Not all the time it's gonna be a dull Christmas though. Everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas so the dull feeling would not be applicable to everyone else.

Christmas will always be there once a year. It's up to you on how you celebrate it. Whether you feel the solemnity or not, remember why Christmas is celebrated in the first place and put your heart to it.

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