Expanding my Digital Space – Introducing my First Vlog

I never thought to become a vlogger one day. It just felt like a calling that documenting your life could be fun and challenging. I never liked video editing and recording myself in front of the camera yet this new venture made me love my past pet peeve.


Today I’ve finally finished editing my first ever vlog. I’ve given so much effort to learn video editing and watching other vlogs to replicate the best practices but I hope the efforts return in the long run. Invested in equipment and learned how to set up my gear.


I’ve decided to vlog because I wanted to share my life and inspire a lot of people with my journey. I never treated this as something to easily gain fame or try hard to become a movie star one day. I just grab my camera and talk. No people pleasing or other reasons that can sugar coat my personality. Since the world is already moving towards the digital space, Youtubing is definitely a must if you want to increase your online presence. Apart from seeing this opportunity, you have to know your purpose why you’re doing this and be passionate about it. Despite having a lot on my plate, I still can manage myself to do these things because this became my passion. I may not be good at it yet but we’ll get there with consistency. I’m getting pretty giddy creating more content for you guys despite having my blog. Hope you guys can support me with my new journey and keep updated with my upcoming vlogs!


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