Things I've done and Lessons Learned from 2017

"My graduation speech"

2017 is about to end within 24 hours and it feels like we're still working halfway there. Challenges indeed happened but we all learned something for 2017 right? Midway this year, I wrote the article "Half of 2017 is over. So far, what Have You Done?" telling a little bit of my first half. Now let's talk about the other remainder and awesome things I've done in a nutshell:


  • Became the secretary of our University's premier alumni association, also the youngest considering I'm working with people who are above 40

  • Started our own startup accelerator program

  • Stopped drinking coffee

  • Delivered a graduation speech to my University

  • Organized a startup conference which helped people get connected and had 2 startups for a funding round

  • Traveled to a lot of countries and tried different cultures

  • Climbed Japan's most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji

  • Built apps that would last a lifetime in which is being used by a lot of users

  • Ventured out to Youtubing creating my first 5 Vlogs (though I still need to work on it)

  • Revived my Twitter account and got interested on digital marketing plus working on my personal brand

  • Migrated to and consistently gaining views despite the revamp

  • Collected 3 albums of business cards, even though the challenge was only 1. Read here about the challenge

  • Read a hundred books (I stopped counting after 101, recommendations on another post)

  • Won startup competitions worldwide

  • Engaged with public speaking at least once a month

  • Had 24 Udemy courses nailed!

  • Became more invested in my love life

  • And more! (can't mention all though)

We look like Korean-
novela stars here lol

My objective for this is not really to show off and to make you feel bad but something to inspire you and for me to have a checklist that I could revisit years down the road. To be honest, I didn't felt much growth compared to last year because it seemed like I already got established and any challenges that I would face seemed like a pipsqueak however, I did become more disciplined and always kept my momentum running with my personal goals. It didn't felt right that I was feeling a little stagnant. Is it because I'm now invested in something else? Did I figure out the magic formula? Is the current direction I'm taking relevant to what I want? Whatever the reason is I won't stop hustling. Being a life-long learner isn't complete without challenging your thoughts and applying them in real life. If you keep on doing the things you love, you will never ever work again.

Here's the summary from all these points:


1. Always seek discomfort to push your boundaries

Everyone loves to stay in their comfort zone but in order to become successful, you need to get out there and show the world what you're capable of. There is a saying "If you don't fear your goals, it means you're not dreaming enough". If you've been doing the same thing all over again, its time to revisit your life. Do something different that inspires you. If you're feeling uncomfortable, that's the sign you're off to a good learning experience.


2. Improve at least 1% every day

A lot of people think that progress is about 70%, 50%, or 20%. The thing is, it shouldn't be that much if its something that doesn't catch the deadline. In fact, you're pressuring yourself too much! Instead, seek a minimal amount of 1% every single day and in a year, you'll see how much you've improved. This principle isn't applicable to things like workout or working in sprints but a 1% improvement on a daily basis such as reading an article or learning a new word per day should be enough to help you stay in the game. 



3. Discipline is the most important aspect of consistency

Everyone loves doing things for the short-term. Buying a new phone you'll never use, eating on fancy restaurants that don't give you returns (not craving satisfaction returns lol), or paying subscription fees that don't even help achieve what you want. People are obsessed with instant gratification that the internet overpromises us instant results by reading an article in 5 minutes. The internet is lying to you all along and doesn't fall for that attention deficit trap which in return decreases your attention span over time. If you want to do something, you need discipline. With discipline, you can have consistency and with consistency, you could easily nail your daily goals. Consistency is king they say. Some people set goals but they eventually lose hype and go back to their old habits. Reason? Lack of discipline. Results don't come over time and you really have to work yourself to get to the top. There is no easy way I tell you but once you know how to practice discipline, you have the first step in achieving your goals.

4. Know your purpose and ensure that your goals lead to a good direction

Simply having goals is not enough. What defines a great goal is its sense of directionGoing to the gym, eating healthy, and going to bed earlier are not really long-term goals but habits. I wouldn't call them real goals because part of human nature is to keep itself healthy yet these are altered once you start flunking off. Sure, you can set a goal to keep yourself fit but it should be a regular routine for everyone else. Goals, on the other hand, are something you work for in order to achieve the bigger picture. Say you want to be a millionaire or build a life-changing app, these are goals that require your sense of direction moving forward.

Note that this is just my own definition of goals so yours can be different

If you have a 9-5 job and your goal is to save, that's not enough. However, if your goal is to save to invest then that's a different story. From the things I've learned in the past few years, I've learned to let go of impulsive actions and I'm now more rational when it comes to making decisions. I make sure these benefit from the long run and there's a sense of direction to where it's headed. I admit I sorta gave up on games now (sorry Pokemon Ultra Series for I can't finish you now) but we just got to set our priorities and do things that will help us achieve success. There's nothing wrong with having fun (a.k.a goofing off) once in a while but it's a serious temptation that you should learn how to control. Just make sure you get back on your feet when break time's over. Know your purpose WHY you're doing things and don't just reason out just because you're influenced by other people. Have a solid reason with your own wisdom as to WHY you're doing this and you'll forever be grateful for your life's decision.

KLIA's floor design... Pretty cool!

That's a wrap for 2017. We're close to ending 2017 now and we're now off to embark on a new journey. Thank you for all the lessons shared, experiences learned and friends I gained throughout the journey. 2018 is gonna be a good year!

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