Back from a Long Hiatus - With a New Site and Being More Active


It's been a while since I've last posted something on my site. Things got more serious and it required a lot of my time to focus on work. Running a startup ain't easy and having a freelance on my plate made me lose the momentum I had with my own gig (like my website). Now that I had time, I revisited my progress here and I was surprised I have not posted for a long while. Do you know the feeling of you were once on fire yet got extinguished? Yep, it happened to me. I wanted to go back blogging but it seems like the fire I once had got lost. I've been trying to get the routine back but regaining back momentum is as hard as digging up a huge pile of dirt. During my freelance period, I've been venturing into different fields. I suddenly got interested in marketing 'till eventually it lead to blogging and you know what? You're right! That's the part where I felt the motivation again to write. I saw the potential when I entered the marketing field. I felt like this thing has potential if I just put more effort into it. Just so you know, I have zero background on marketing so everything I'll do would be at my own pace which is exciting! I'll be getting my hands dirty more often on my website by writing more articles. It's time to get a little serious about blogging.

For my previous followers, I think you might have noticed my domain name had changed. From became It's only now that I had the time to mingle around with my site and studied about DNS rerouting. I've thought of changing my website from .net to .com as it has more potential SEO and doesn't look weird whenever I mention my website. Oh and xtian is a shorter word for my name so might as well use it (and it looks cool). I had a huge revamp of my website design so you guys to read at ease. It looks a little like Medium so in case you're familiar with it, you would navigate easily.

I'm back and ready to seize the day! I've also ventured out on Facebook so please do like my page and follow my posts!

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