My 2018 Introspection
10 min read   |   Nov 20, 2018   |   Thoughts

An inspiring introspection I made for the year. Just some random thoughts while walking in the streets.

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6 Best Ways to Stay Productive on Commutes
3 min read   |   Sep 11, 2018   |   Others

Stay productive with your commute with these tips

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From Zero to Deployment: Creating a Grocery List App within 30 minutes
27 min read   |   July 27, 2018   |   Technology

Learn to create a grocery list app within 30 mins using Python

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Day Trip on Shifen and Jiufen: How we Maximized our Fast-paced Trip
7 min read   |   May 27, 2018   |   Travel

Maximizing our shifen and Jiufen trip

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What if There's a Bachelors Degree in Inventing Major in Creativity?
3 min read   |   April 21, 2018   |   Thoughts

B.S. Inventing Mahor in Creativity sounds like a good degree

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Why Time is the Most Valuable Currency in the World and How Could You Spend it Well
3 min read   |   March 17, 2017   |   Thoughts

Time is the most valuable currency in the world. Learn how to spend it well.

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The Advent of Riding a Bus - Economic Reflection on Tipping
2 min read   |   March 3, 2018   |   Thoughts

Another thought train about tipping

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