Common Misconceptions on Co-curricular Activities and Credentials
5 min read   |   March 20, 2014   |   Thoughts

Joining a lot of activities but still haven't felt achieved? Let's explain why.

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Tips on how to boost your employment (Preferably for Students)
5 min read   |   Jan 9, 2014   |   Thoughts

Graduating sooner? You'll probably need to read this.

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make on their College Thesis (IT Related thesis)
4 min read   |   Jan 7, 2014   |   Thoughts

If you're an IT student taking up thesis one of these days, you better read this,

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Microsoft Exam 70-480 Certification Tips
15 min read   |   April 25, 2013   |   Technology

Sharing my tips from my experience when taking Microsoft Exam 70-480.

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