Programming Perplexions: Debunking the Keyword "static"
8 min read   |   March 30, 2015   |   Technology

Ever curious about the keyword static? Let's debunk it shall we?

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COBOL Programming Tutorials - Reading Files and Editing PIC Displays
8 min read   |   March 2, 2015   |   Technology

A tutorial on how to read files and editing PIC displays from COBOL

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3 Things Fresh Graduates Shouldn’t Keep on Expecting on Having a Job
4 min read   |   March 15, 2015   |   Thoughts

Some things I wish I knew before starting my career after college

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COBOL Programming Tutorials - Using Routines (Loop) and a Little of User Intervention
9 min read   |   Jan 28, 2015   |   Technology

Quick COBOL tutorials with routines (loop) and user input

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Personal Norms - The Unconventional Life to Fulfillment
3 min read   |   Dec 3, 2014   |   Thoughts

How I'd prefer to live my life these days, apart from just goofing off

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Developers Delight - My Weekly Workspace
2 min read   |   Nov 20, 2014   |   Thoughts

Sharing some tidbits of my weekly nomadic space

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The Misleading Term "Top"
2 min read   |   Nov 14, 2014   |   Thoughts

We were taught in school being "top" is getting good grades. No. Just no.

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Why Working in a Startup is Better than Corporate
8 min read   |   Nov 8, 2014   |   Thoughts

Confused on working for a big company vs a startup? Here's something for you!

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