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Software development has become part of my life and work could be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. It could either turn out to be burnout or a little less slack if there's not much task. One of the greatest obstacles you'd experience would be a lack of focus. As a developer, precisive and analytical thinking is needed in order to get your job right. Coffee has been the remedy to this situation and apparently, it has become my best friend (for most programmers that is).

Other than that would be having a great workspace. Seeing the office/cubicle every day could be boring but luckily, I have the privilege to work anywhere (because working in a startup is friggin awesome!) and one of it is working at Starbucks (not as a barista but as a customer lol). In my case, my week ain't complete without going to Starbucks at least twice a week for a cup of coffee and/or a session of coding. Apparently, the first 2 things that come to your mind when you hear "Starbucks" are "coffee" & "relaxing ambiance" and there's no questioning why would that be such a great workspace. Some of my friends are wondering what my workspace really looks like. Well, to answer that question, this would be the simplest case:

My Weekly Workspace

Simply my laptop, iPad, and a cup of coffee. For reasons, my laptop is, of course, *exaggeration* my laptop * and my iPad well, I got used to working with 2 screens so its purpose is for quick reference and guides as well as reading e-books while cooling off from coding. As for my office workspace, it's the same as that but just convert the iPad into a 20inch monitor.

Other than coding, I also write articles to loosen off my mind. Sad to say, some of my articles get stuck in the middle so it's left unpublished. Hopefully, I can cope up more ideas and continue working on them.

Have a great day ahead people and watch out for my upcoming articles.

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