The Misleading Term "Top"

A lot of people have been using the term "top" whenever they see someone reputable. The question is, what is the true meaning of "top"? If a teacher asks, who's the top student in your class? The first thing that comes to your mind would be the ones getting high grades. Sure, grades are can be an indicator of hard work but it doesn't mean it shows the true mastery of your skill sets. To begin with, grades are just numbers meaning, they don't define the exact value of one's abilities.

Another would be every teacher has their own perspective on giving grades (For I've experienced it first-hand). Consider this scenario:

Let's name a person named Allan and he resides in Section A. Let's call another person named Ralph and he resides in Section B. Allan is a hard-working student that does all efforts in order to get high grades while Ralph slacks and lot and doesn't care whether he passes or fails his subject. Allan's teacher doesn't give that much of a high grade while Ralph's teacher is very nice and gives grades generously. The report card came and  Allan got a grade of 83% in his subject while Ralph got 91%.


From that scenario, I'm pretty sure you can clearly see the difference.

In some cases, whenever choosing the right person for the right job recruiters don't even credit grades as a hiring basis. Its common to see graduates with Latin honors who never got a job, or rather their job is not as good as the other. Meanwhile, its common too that graduates having good skills who never had any academic awards get a job that pays good and gets them growing. Where's your "top" now? Then again, not everything revolves around grades apparently, numbers that measure performance.


My article doesn't highlight entirely on grades but the misuse of the term in general. It's just that stereotypes are common in the field of academe. Compared to the industry, some recruiters never even credit whether you graduated with a good academic standing for as long as you have the right skills.

Remember, use the term "top" with understanding. Don't just say that the top of a certain group is simply based on numbered performance because it doesn't serve as an accurate indicator. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses so everyone can be a top of what they're doing.

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