Personal Norms - The Unconventional Life to Fulfillment

Normally in a person's lifestyle, for students, they study on weekdays and play games on the weekend while for working people, they'd work on weekdays and relax on the weekends. Apparently, its what we have adapted to and somehow makes you feel the fulfillment. We have our own ways on how we make life worth living.


In my case is it's kinda different. How I do things are quite "boring", in a sense my fulfillment is based on what I do on my career. Boring you may ask? To give you an idea, here's an abridged version of how I normally plot my schedule (A.K.A work):

Note that these are plotted on a weekly basis

25 hours of real work - Yup 25 hours indeed. Normally, work goes 8 hours a day but I bet you don't even do real work for 8 hours straight. In my case, endlessly coding for 8 hours can ruin your work momentum(enthusiasm) out of too much staring at the syntax. A little glimpse at the internet or reading articles can loosen off your mind. Sometimes my 5 hours a day may vary depending on tasks.

6 hours of teaching - I purposely limited this to 6 hours a week, specifically 3 hours a day. I'm not just a developer but a college teacher too. For me, things ain't complete without sharing your knowledge to everyone or having a community service and apparently, my teaching role fulfills this spot. Though I may passionately give talks/seminars I chose to teach in the academe to keep it consistent.

10 hours of consulting - Other than my full-time work and teaching, I also do some side projects. I treat this as an opportunity to boost my career plus another way of having fun. It's kinda stressful if you ask me but is all worth it.

6-8 hours of sleep - because having no fixed hours of work and passionately working at your own hands is awesome! The reason why I can complete a healthy sleep.

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Seems like a busy schedule is it? Yup, you said it. In return, my body clock adjusted as a night owl wherein seeing the sunrise makes my eyes burn (literally). I'm at my peak performance at the night and whenever I have plans, the earliest time I can plot is 2 pm. People would say its late but its how I made it a practice to myself. Everyone has their own ways of doing their lifestyle so just keep swimming.

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