What if There's a Bachelors Degree in Inventing Major in Creativity?

People have been contagiously getting inspiration from great achievers. With the widespread of the internet, we read extraordinary news coming from people with humble beginnings which inspires us to do more. Things such as running your own startup, productivity hacks, financial literacy, and the likes have come their way that it seemed to easy on improving yourself. We practice creativity in a way its never been done before. Due to that, we people become an inventor by heart. Entrepreneurship is probably the most common way to do so. Even the youth are running their own startups inside their dorms and kids can now create their own robots. Looking into college, we select the desired course which likely becomes the direction of our career. If we want to build houses we choose engineering, if we want to be a doctor we choose medicine, if we want to become a teacher, we choose education. What if we want to become an inventor? What if there's a degree for being an inventor? 

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Inventions may vary depending on your skills. It could be anything, a floating house, a remote-controlled car using your phone, and more! All it takes is a pinch of creativity and you can fine-tune your idea as you go along. How come a lot of people are dealing with a hard time producing creativity? Simple, its because we are trained to live our lives to follow the rules and never questioning what authority has to give. It's the same thing with schooling. Nobody questions the 17th century-old school we're living up today then at the end of the day we all end up being corporate slaves. In today's world, we feel more liberated due to the growing population of the internet. We tend to see things we've never seen before and we're influenced by whatever cool it is we see on our screen. Due to this liberation, creativity easily sparks from all the possibilities you see out there. It's common to see amazing sci-fi movies making your ideas into life.

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What if we make a degree out of this? A degree that trains our brain to be more creative and free from any rules. Let's say we call this degree "B.S. Inventing Major in Creativity". The objective of this course is for you to come up with something creative that can solve a problem. Let's say your requirement for the thesis is to make your invention come to life and this is a partial fulfillment for you to get your diploma. Imagine in your first year, you get to enrich your learnings by reading any books of 10, watch movies of any variant related to what you want, and you start ideating on your big project? Imagine in your second year you start building the prototype of your desired project. Say you want to make a flying drone that can serve as an alternative commute for people with a booking platform and a scheduling system. Your sophomore year is focused on its feasibility, documentation, and starting off with the basics applying the things you've learned from your freshman years. In your third year, you continue to develop your project, slowly getting the hang of it and as you go along you continue to think of ideas of improvement then you've thought of applying more feats that could be more than what you want. Imagine during this year, apart from just building the project, you got an internship from a startup that will help you grow and you got a mentor to help you improve your project.

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Then goes your senior year. Fine-tuning your project after which you'll do testing and feedback. Once you made the improvements its time for you to defend that project (which serves as the thesis). Assuming you did, you ended your degree accomplishing something that could benefit society with your idea. I'm pretty sure that journey was just a rough idea of that degree but there are a lot more behind the scenes. Classrooms are not built on a traditional lecture-style setting, hallways can be used for brainstorming, your faculty members have done something remarkable that qualifies them to be in their position, you don't take up written exams nor deeming homework, and you don't feel like school as if it was a requirement. I hope the future could provide a creative degree such as this. It will be a huge leap forward for everyone to benefit! More importantly, I hope that the school system would change in a way that makes the students more enthusiastic to go to classes and create a culture of creativity and innovation than just sitting down and listen to boring classes. Maybe after a decade or two, we could make this happen when the time comes!

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