Top 5 Mistakes People Make on their Thesis (IT Related thesis)

I’ve been working on checking thesis documents by my other subordinates and I’ve noticed that they all had common mistakes which can affect the entire document. I might as well share these common mistakes to prevent it from happening especially to you readers who might write your own thesis.

Take note that I’m referring to an undergraduate thesis(Normally done by group).  This may vary from a masteral or a dissertation.

1.) The TITLE

This is always the most essential part of your thesis. This will cover the entire document and will be displayed throughout your copy. A single word could lead to your downfall. Let’s take into account the title “Ordering System with Sales Analytics and Item Tallying for XYZ Company”. As you will notice, this thesis is known for an ordering system BUT, it also includes the scope of Sales Analysis and Item Tallying. This thesis might not be feasible in time for the student because first, it has 2 scopes, which is ordering and inventory system (derived from the “Item Tallying” part) and second, the title is too complicating which can be very misleading at some point. The main idea was an ordering system and in time, the group will eventually forget about the inventory part. The other half will meet the requirements but how about the other one? It is nice to have a bonus feature but only include what is necessary. Then again, its all in the clients requirements since they will be the one’s who will use and benefit the system.

2.) Instead of a group work, the team does it individually

In a group, a member is assigned with a certain task for instance, one will be the developer, one will be the project manager and such. The thing here is that you have to act at least once in all of those roles because by doing so, you would know your thesis from cover-to-cover and gives you no reason to blame other group mates. The problem is if a person is known for his/her forte, he/she is only limited to that persons capabilities and is never to experience other roles. This gives other members more reasons to blame in case something didn’t went well. If you apply for a job and asked what role did you do in your thesis, well, just tell them the truth rather than lying on your skillset.

3.) Failure to define requirements

This also has something to do in relation with number 1.  Having a bar requirement would also lead to a bad title. Requirements basically come from the client and having a shy personality could have it all messed up. If you have that kind of personality, it’s time for you to take your arse up and it’s time for a complete makeover on your personality. Ask everyone you can about the client (Everything… I mean, only about the project, not about their life LOL) and make your client as your best friend because in the end, the client will be your panelist. If ever other panelist are firing the guns at you, the client can somewhat save you from failing the subject.

4.) Project Scope is waaaaay too big that your thesis is not anymore feasible

Sure, having this and that feature would make the project way more fancy and flexible but the question is will it ever be utilized? I also had the same experience on adding a lot of unnecessary modules but it was requested by the client to be removed since it just makes it more confusing. Another factor would be creating your use case diagram with all the unnecessary functions. Reading it already looks like your solving a maze and if the client reads it, he/she might rage quit if he/she doesn’t reach the goal. Ommit all unnecessary features and keep your project simple.

5.) Timelines were never really followed

Let’s face it, we never really followed  these schedules. We feel the pressure of creating Gantt Charts because their required for our document.  To keep the long story short, if you really never follow these and if a panelist asks you on what did you do on a certain phase that had a long-term schedule,  prepare to say your prayers if you did some procrastination on that task.

To sum it all, it is actually the lack of diligence that makes all these things because you don’t tend to think out of the box.  Apparently, brainstorming is the best way to deal with these problems because it involves collaboration with everyone in the group. Sharing thought’s and having a mini-debate could lead you to great results. Just remember that your not doing it alone. If you have a lazy group members, don’t think that your the only one who is going to do all the job because every member must have a significant role (Even the cashier or supplier of the group… LOLOLOL). Thesis is one thing you have to excel in because employers usually asks on what your thesis is and what roles, tasks, and how will did you do.

I hope this enlightens you the next time you write a thesis.


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