6 Reasons Why Computer Majors Don’t Excel in Programming

I have noticed that some computer majors don’t feel like they are enjoying programming. Though computers can be have a very big scope, programming would be a very essential role. The reason why I am writing this article is because to point out some common reasons why computer majors (Information Technology, Computer Science, you name it!) do not love programming and learn to embrace it. This could serve as an eye opener to you and this is especially made for students who are currently taking up these courses. Without further adieu, lets get started!


1.) Choosing a course in which you don’t like!

In the first place, you should know that these courses do a lot of hard coding and you would know the fact that you would carry on this habit until you work. Now why on earth would you focus on a hard-coding course  and yet, not a single bit of programming interests you. Probably you are forced by your parents, your last option on your college entrance exam results, or just simply for no reason. To whatever reason may it be,  LEARN TO LOVE IT BY HEART. Passion is what sets you on fire.

Try seeking your peers for advise on why a computer course is awesome! you might want to consider listening to success stories made by coders. You can watch this.

2.) Your teachers don’t care about your Career Development

Teacher cleaning chalkboard with duster

College would never be challenging without terror professors. They could be defined the ones who fail most of the students, give the hardest exams, or has the worst attitude. In our case, we consider them as people who are doing their job just because of the profit they gain in teaching and not even caring about the students welfare. A students failure can be a drastic experience for him/her to learn and strive hard. If the student really did mastered the subject well but still managed to fail well, probably that reason is already the teachers teaching methods.

Teachers objectives should be focused on inspiring and motivating students to work hard and never should they make the primary reason their profit. Teachers who don’t teach with passion are never to be considered teachers. To avoid these kind of people, you might want to ask your peers on feedback’s regarding a teacher or a training center.  If you’re wanting for a personal tutor, you might want to check their portfolio first. It is good to keep it that way especially if your paying for your own education.


3.) People tend to memorize codes


People, people, people! ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY MEMORIZE CODES! Codes aren’t something like history wherein you memorize significant dates and events but in the end, you forget everything that you have studied. Remember that logic formulation changes and varies on the problem so your memorization will definitely won’t help you. The common problem is that logic formulation becomes an issue and this has something to do with procedural thinking. Programming is about thinking procedures and making the right output come to life. Comparing to math, you need formulas in order to achieve the solution while in programming, you need to have a good thinking strategy in order to build your formula.

In building something from scratch, you always come in empty-handed. As you gather materials, your material gradually improves and becomes one step closer to finishing the product. Similar to programming, all you need to have is your brain and a good sense of thinking and as you program, you learn to formulate your own way of creating your own output. In real life, your product comes into test and if it fails, you try again until you succeed. In programming, you can compile as many times as you can and for each compile, you learn to see mistakes. It helps you to understand how to avoid them and at the same time you get familiarized with your own code. The next time you create another program, you have now equipped yourself with the past experiences you have made. Always remember that experience is the best way of learning and its a never-ending process. So just keep on trying and try until you succeed.


4.) The course Curriculum Sucks


Sometimes, this can be the primary reason. It is best to research on the greatest training center/school on which it has to offer rather than to keep on blaming yourself in the end on why did you even bother enrolling on this institution which didn’t gave you quality training. Another primary reason could be the institution’s facilities. If the curriculum is good, it should also be well-balanced with the facilities because there are times that school’s use deprecated Operating Systems just to keep it cheap. Try also researching for the school’s price if it sounds reasonable. It’s better to pay a expensive fee which gives you quality education than to have a degree which gave you the lowest quality of education which feels like you really didn’t deserve having the degree.

5.) There is no balance within Lab and Lecture


It is really essential to keep these two on balance. Its similar to an orchestra, on which will be composed of the conductor and the musicians. Without the conductor, the music will not play in harmony or will have the worst sync. Without the musician, there is no application of mastery coming from the conductor. I have noticed that some schools are overly focused on Lectures rather than Lab works. Learning theories is not enough in mastering the subject. In our case, the misconception here would be studying relational databases and Information Management, wherein Data warehouses are being discussed but is never applied. Data Warehouses too have Laboratory exercises (Eg. Extracting data with a software) in which the school must offer and its not just about theoretical practice. The school should consider having a monthly meetup regarding the schools performance in order to improve their training grounds.

6.) People are not diligent enough


People tend not to go out of their comfort zone. Diligence is one key to success. There are a lot of things to learn that are not taught in school. Try exploring those and keep up with the pace in technology. A great way to start this is joining local organizations which will give you opportunities coming from outside your school providing you with free seminars, trainings or even their recruitment as being a representative of their company. Another would be joining competitions regardless if  you win or lose. Winning is not an option but gaining the experience is priceless. For each time you join, you learn from your opponents, make new friends and at the same time, increase your confidence in joining as each competitions passes by. For every opportunity knocking your door, don’t hesitate to take the chance and take flight to a new leaf!

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