Business Card Challenge for 2017

Last year I created my own challenge to fill in my business card album. My goal was to meet more people, attend more events and get their calling cards as a mark of meeting them.


My goal was to fill in only one album but fortunately I filled 3! I didn’t expect it to happen but I believe networking becomes second nature once you get used to it. I know this might be a late post but I intend to do the same for this year. Its already the final day of April 2017 yet its not too late to post the challenge!


To add up, here are 2 rules I should adhere to keep the integrity of the challenge:

  1. Cards should be organic – Meaning I have to meet the person physically and it has to be a new one from last time. I know it may sound common sense but the reason why I had to place it is because its easy to acquire business cards online through thumbnails or email signatures. Its not a challenge if you’ll just take a digital copy. Also it has to be a different person from before because a person can have multiple business cards with multiple companies so only one is counted from that person.
  2. Cards should be handed gracefully, not through desperation – I don’t want to approach someone and say “Dude please give me your business card”. Before I can have somebody’s card, I have to personally network them and once its established then we exchange cards.

With those in place, I’m ready to conquer again the challenge and hoping I could do the same (or more) from last year! I’d highly recommend you’d do the same because networking is one of the greatest values you’ll have in your entire career. Who knows? The person you met yesterday could offer you a helping hand someday. I ever, I’m usually up for coffee talks! You can check my “About Me” page for more info and you may keep in touch with me on the links. This can pretty much be a head start to the challenge if you’re willing to do it too.

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