Back to Blogging after a 3-Month Hiatus: Late Start for 2019

It's been a while since I've last written content. The first quarter of the year is about to end and little did I realize things move so stagnant. So what have I been to lately? For starters, people know me as a productive guy who works all day to achieve his dreams. That isn't the case just a few months ago.


Just like every person, I am also dealt with setbacks. Just before 2018 ended, I've been through a lot of challenges. To save all the drama, let's just say 2018 didn't end well due to a lot of unaccomplished goals, mostly finances. Cash was burning with little to no results and physically I'm getting sick. It was the first time I've experienced being "poor" wherein I felt the desperation to survive daily life, even worse while you're sick. In fact, I was even struggling to buy even just a bottle of water and I was at the point of looking through every inch of the drawers for leftover coins.


"This must be the feeling of being poor", I said. I told myself that I'm so fortunate with what I have. What more for those who live in the streets begging and those who struggle to make ends meet? This gave me a humbling experience that completely transformed the way I treat things. Fast forward to 2019, I survived. Honestly, I don't know how I did it. When the bar was near zero, blessings came at the right timing. $2 left? A client called for a project. No meds? Mom got me meds enough for the period. No more food? The season of Christmas had parties so it had my stomach satisfied. All came at the right time. Without it, who knows what would I've done.


Right now, I am getting better and slowly recovering from setbacks. I'm trying to get back to my old giddy self thinking of what goals should I conquer. Only this time, being more pragmatic. It doesn't feel like the times when I get too excited to dreaming about the future to change the world. Now, after experiencing things in life, I've been hit with reality. "Adulting strikes", they say and no wonder the elders recommend the early 20s as the YOLO years. Don't get me wrong, I'm on my mid-20's which ain't far from that but I treat life more serious than it was before. Whether my views have changed, I'm always well-grounded to my beliefs and goals. If I can't accomplish them now, then soon.


Things happen for a reason. These setbacks made me a stronger person. It broadened further my perspective on daily reality and it got me thinking to create a solution. What now? In the short term, I plan to keep myself stable on all angles in life. Once setbacks are settled, let's go back to contributing value to society.

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