Analysis Paralysis - Stop Thinking, Start Moving

A lot of people have crazy ideas about making their plans. If you're a dreamer, I'm pretty sure you've thought of a big plan to change the world. Let's face it, out of 10 plans, around 1 - 2 happen successfully probably because people lose motivation and get too lazy when time passes. Even there's been a thorough brainstorming, it sometimes sticks on being a plan forever. This normally occurs if people tend to be close-minded on things or aren't passionate about what they're doing.

This concept is called "Analysis Paralysis". People love to plan but it turns out you've been overlooking through it and over-emphasizing irrational thoughts which leads to incoherent results. Sure, you are directed at a certain objective but there's always a risk factor involved.

Stop Getting too Paranoid



Our problem as individuals is we tend to become a perfectionist. Always remember that execution doesn't need to be perfect. This will take up a lot of your time finding the "best" solution, arguing from points A to Z but in the end, you never really came up with a solution. It's a complete waste of time. As you know, having too many options can lead you to confusion. I'd like to elaborate one of Aesop's fable which can be a good example of what I'm saying:

"The fox boasts of "hundreds of ways of escaping" while the cat has "only one". When they hear the hounds approaching, the cat scampers up a tree while "the fox in his confusion was caught up by the hounds". The fable ends with the moral, "Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon". A related concept is expressed by the Centipede's dilemma and by the tale of Buridan's ass."

Summary from Wikipedia

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Consider yourself the fox if you're a paranoid-oriented person. It's better to have few but rational than plenty but halted. In business terms, this is similar to building your own startup. Ideation takes a lot of time than execution and sometimes, ideation is the reason why they fail. There is a concept from Toyota called "Genchi Gembutsu" meaning "go and see for yourself" (Something I've learned from the Lean Startup - Eric Ries). You have to try it out for yourself and not all outcomes can be figured out through brainstorming. Sometimes results can only be foretold by only trying it.

People are too afraid to take risks. If you can't take risks, it means you don't know how to express your enthusiasm and enthusiasm is the key to drive your motivation. People tend to say "there's no harm in trying" but the truth is, its just an excuse. Although you have the option to lessen the risks of uncertainty, there's still the anxiety factor. If you feel it, that's great! That anxiety factor will lead you somewhere as that little gut is a triggering factor to your determination. It means that the tasks are hard but feasible and you get all fired up to have your motivation up and ready.

Act now

If you keep overthinking, noting will happen. If you don't act now, in the end, you might regret it. If you're familiar with TED talks, they give out mind-blowing talks that will inspire you to make a move and master your craft. Even if you download, watch all TED talks every day and do nothing about yourself, it means you're too afraid to pursue your passion, look stupid, getting your hands dirty, and take risks. There's nothing wrong with looking stupid as long as you're doing something for yourself. Don't let society be a barrier to your true self.



Passion is a magical term that transforms you into a wizard. Not everyone has it and if you have it, it means your special. In reality, it's common to hear excuses such as "I have homework due tomorrow", "I have a thesis to finish", "I have to go to the bar at 3:00". It's an indicator that you'd rather spend your time on something "important" than something important. Get the picture? Sure homework and thesis are required for school and going to parties can be relaxing but what I'm talking about is beyond your call of duty. If you can spend time on those, why not spend more time haggling on something that would develop your character than a temporary joy?

Passion is contagious. Studies show that if you trap yourself inside with a room filled with motivated people, you'll also get motivated to pursue your passion.

In the industry, I've screened a lot of applicants and I prefer passion over skill. How do I figure out if a person is passionate? Instinct. Yes, through instinct. As passion is contagious, you can already feel if that person has it. Reading through people's credentials, I already have a feel if a person is passionate. Some are really skilled but ain't motivated. It's like comparing it to a mentality of "Just give me my paycheck and call it a day" than "I love to do this for a living and I like to do something beyond this". Work should never feel as if its a requirement but should be something to get excited about. Working in a passionate environment feels great as everyone has the urge to work hard and gain upward mobility. Having passion will also result in getting out-of-the-box to which you gain the trait of an initiative to strive harder. If you work with people with the same interests, you'll have a daily dose of a great ingredient.



Remember to always pursue your passion no matter how hard it is. Do what you love and love what you do.

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