Scrolling down through my latest post could make you feel lazy as well as clicking through my monthly archives so I am making a list of my topics in the part. The search engine may be an alternative but I doubt that you know all the articles that i’ve posted. I haven’t written much blogs yet so this ain’t too long. You can use control + f too for a quick reference. These are arranged from latest to oldest:

  1. My 2016 Happiness Project
  2. Profession Vs Passion: The Ultimate Dilemma for a Brighter Future
  3. My 2015 Monthly Book Challenge
  4. How I Spend My Time Productively
  5. 7 Professional Goals To Set During Your College Days
  6. What the Academe Needs to Consider on Having Teachers
  7. Macintosh Debugging Tips – How to Repair the stuck Apple Logo During Bootup
  8. Agile Methodology – Case Studies
  9. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Case Studies
  10. Analysis Paralysis: Stop Thinking, Start Moving
  11. Boardgame Review: Splendor
  12. Book Review: The Design of Everyday Things (2nd Edition) – Don Norman
  13. Creating a Simple Rich-Text Editor Using AngularJS: TextAngular
  14. Creating your ASP.NET MVC 5 Application from SCRATCH for Beginners: Using Entity Framework 6 and Identity with CRUD Functionalities
  15. Programming Perplexions: Debunking the Keyword “static”
  16. COBOL Programming Tutorials – Reading Files and Editing PIC Displays
  17. 3 Things Fresh Graduates Shouldn’t Keep on Expecting on Having a Job
  18. COBOL Programming Tutorials – Using Routines(Loop) and a Little of User Intervention
  19. Personal norms – The Unconventional Life to Fulfilment
  20. Developers Delight – My Weekly Workspace
  21. The Misleading Term “Top”
  22. Why Working in a Startup is Better than Corporate
  23. 15 Realistic College Realizations
  24. PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Creating your first PHP program FROM SCRATCH: Basic Authentication, Membership and CRUD functionalities 
  25. Common Misconceptions on Co-Curricular Activities and Credentials
  26. Tips on how to boost your employment (Preferably for Students)
  27. Top 5 mistakes people make on their Thesis(IT Related)
  28. 6 Reasons why Computer Majors don’t excel in Programming
  29. Microsoft Exam 70-480 Certification Tips

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  1. Hi kristian
    Can you help me out how to create a new web page in php.I have a question if a=2,b=4 total should be 6 by using a php.

    • kristianguevara

      Thank you!

  2. Vijay

    really you are too good, i am quite old to learn web technology but you have defined things very well

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