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How to Create Your Own RESTful API Services from Scratch Using NodeJS: A Todo List App

Nowadays, applications scale to multiple platforms such as websites & mobile devices, and creating apps with a single server containing your client and database isn’t the norm anymore. We have to expose our database layer to the outside world and one way to do that is through RESTful APIs. To keep it simple, we separate […]

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PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Creating your first PHP program FROM SCRATCH: Basic Authentication, Membership and CRUD functionalities

*Reposted from my CodeProject Article Interested in creating your own website? Ever wondered how cool is it to have a website that has a log-in/log-out functionality? Want to learn how to Create, Read, Update, or Delete(CRUD) records in a database? Have you lost track of your previous tutorials? Well, I’m going to teach you how to […]

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