The Effectiveness of the 5-hour Work Week

Conventionally, people work at their typical 9-5 work hours. Nowadays with the diversity of flexible time, companies adapt more options for their employees given with its cost-efficient approach. Time approach gets less stricter as companies becomes more practical on deliverables than recording your presence in the office. However not everyone follows this rule since some firms […]

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Agile Methodology – Case Studies

1.)Major Airlines Case Study The management team of a major airline was frustrated by long-running projects that failed to deliver results in the expected timeframe.  In fact, many projects in the IT portfolio spanned multiple years in length and still failed to satisfy important functional requirements.  Management also felt the airline needed to be more responsive to the marketplace in general. What do you […]

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Boardgame Review: Splendor

Today, I’ll talk about Splendor, a strategic boardgame wherein you collect gems and earn prestige points to win. This is pretty similar to chess but the difference is you earn points to win rather than trapping your opponent’s king. The game is very simple that explaining the mechanics only takes around 5 mins and approximately […]

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