Solving the Gap Between the Academe and Industry – An Education Advocate’s Point of View

So you finally got your college degree, a full-time job, and the excitement to get your hands dirty. After a while, you seem to be having difficulties keeping up with work. The hype and excitement went down the moment you saw reality. “School never taught me this“, you responded. Yes, we all know that feeling. […]

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After Creating 2 Startups, Here are 10 Great Lessons I Can Give to You

I’ve been working with my startups for the last 3 years, founding 2 during the time being. I started my journey when I was 21, roughly 2 years after finishing my degree. Ever since I was college, I always wanted to create something big and change the world. I keep on dreaming that one day, […]

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It’s 2019 and Technical Interviews Have to Change

I remember in the early days of my career, I had to submit resumes for jobs. Since I go for tech roles, some companies require a tech interview to assess your programming skills. As a person also recruiting for developers, I understand the importance of this. Resumes can sometimes be sketchy so this process is […]

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Back to Blogging after a 3-Month Hiatus: Late Start for 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve last written content. The first quarter of the year is about to end and little did I realize things move so stagnant. So what have I been to lately? For starters, people know me as a productive guy who works all day to achieve his dreams. That isn’t the […]

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My 9 Advices Before Turning 25: A 2018 Review

Another year is about to end and let’s look back with all that’s done. Writing an annual review has been my tradition as it helps me see the bird’s eye view of my progress. Whether good or bad, everything has its own lessons. Before I start, I still have the resistance not to accept my current […]

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How to Create Your Own RESTful API Services from Scratch Using NodeJS: A Todo List App

Nowadays, applications scale to multiple platforms such as websites & mobile devices and creating apps with a single server containing your client and database aren’t the norm anymore. We have to expose our database layer to the outside world and one way to do that is through RESTful APIs. To keep it simple, we separate […]

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My 2018 Introspection

While I was walking in the streets of New York, I can’t help but reflect through all the things that happened to my career. Whoa, can’t believe I’ve been through a lot. I wrote this during my birthday (weeks before I posted here) so it’s pretty much like a birthday introspection. Anyway… A few years […]

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6 Best Ways to Stay Productive on Commutes

Almost everyone I know commutes everyday be it for school, work, or whatever purpose. Of course, if you have a car, you’re exempted but let’s talk about the majority. Everybody gets on idle mode during commutes. What people don’t know is they’re throwing away precious time while on transit. I say throwing because people practically […]

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From Zero to Deployment: Creating a Grocery List App within 30 minutes

Websites nowadays can be done rapidly without too much effort. Product releases tend to get up to speed all thanks to the open-source frameworks. I know why you’re here. You want to create a quick app that you may use for a hackathon. Well, you’re in the right place! Though the difference of mine is […]

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Day Trip on Shifen and Jiufen: How we Maximized our Fast-paced Trip

Jiufen is located at the east side of Taipei and Shifen resides farther than Jiufen, around 30 mins more going South. It was recommended by travelers to stay in one area for a day but instead, we made a day trip to both places to maximize our time in Taiwan.     How to get […]

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